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These two will always be my favorite TV pairing and I have loved them ever since their first scene. They have amazing chemistry and one of the biggest buildups of this show. Why aren’t they a couple yet? Because the Gossip Girl writers are idiots and write the same thing every season. No matter what I will always have hope that these two will get together because they are perfect for each other and the NJ fans deserve it.

When I first started watching The Vampire Diaries I was a Stefan and Elena shipper and while I still think they are cute they don’t have the chemistry that I think Ian and Nina have. Elena brings out the best in Damon and she has made him a character that I actually like. At first I wasn’t a fan of him and I’m not a big fan of her because I find her a bit boring but together I love them. I can’t wait for next season and their future scenes.


She is the reason why I’m still sitting through an hour of Gossip Girl. There is so much hate for this character and I don’t understand why. Out of every one on Gossip Girl I feel like she has had the most character development. I think the writers take the most risks with her and treat Jenny like crap most of the time which is horrible because she deserves a happy storyline for once. I will always love her because she isn’t boring and unlike the other characters on this show she is able to admit that she made a mistake for herself and not to gain something.


Katherine is the HBIC right now. I’m so glad that she is back and I can’t wait for Season 2 of TVD. She is so evil and heartless and awesome. From the moment she appeared in the flashbacks I was really interested in her story and Nina plays her very well.

I’m not a Degrassi fan and I have never seen an episode of it from any season except for My Body is a Cage but I’m in love with this character. Is such an interesting storyline that I have never seen explored on any other show not even Skins and I really hope that the writers continue to make Adam a primary focus and not just have him as background. Seriously if you haven’t seen this episode you definitely should.

The Twilight fandom is crazy yet amazingly entertaining. You have the Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team who the hell cares about Stephanie give me some sex and Team Bella. I have never been a part of a fandom that has more passionate fans than this one and I love it. Being a part of this fandom has opened a whole new world for me, I have talked to a lot of wonderful people, made many wonderful online friends and have gotten to follow a series that I really like. As stupid as it sounds the Twilight fandom is a big part of my life and I fucking love lion_lamb.

I was never a fan of Dakota Fanning until this year. I had seen her movies and knew who she was just like every other person in America but I was never a real fan of her until now. She is so incredibly talented and she is so nice to everyone- fans, reporters and even creepy paparazzi who follow her around the airport. She doesn’t seem fake or like she has a big head at all which is nice to see considering that if any teenager in Hollywood could have one is her. I can’t wait to see her future films and she is also my age yet she is still super classy.


Kristen Stewart is just cool. She is totally different than any other celebrity out there right now and while she looks awkward about 97% of the time she looks pretty badass doing it. I think she is a funny girl and she in the business for the right reasons. I really hope that she has a long lasting career and I want her hair.

Robert Pattinson seems like a sweet genuine guy. He seems to have a great personality and be a really funny dude. I’m really glad they picked him for Edward because I feel like he can have a long lasting career if he picks the right roles. I can’t wait to see his next two films Bel Ami and Water for Elephants because I’m sure that he will do great in them. I think he is cute and I just don’t understand why some people don’t like him.

Are you shocked? I’m sure you’re not. These two are my favorite real life relationship ever. Their level of cuteness cannot compare to any other that I’ve seen. They are both really talented and work together very well. At first I wasn’t sure about how Kristen and Dakota would act around each other, they just look like completely different people but once I saw an interview I was hooked. I feel like they bring a different side of one another when they are together that we don’t really see with anybody else. I hope they work on other movies in the future and we get more of them.

I started my obsession with The Runaways about a year and a half ago and fell completely in love with these two. They are just so talented and 30 something years later they still got it. I love their friendship and I’m really glad that they were able to reconcile plus reading Neon Angel and watching The Runaways made me ship them hard.


I have been a fan of these two for a long time and regardless of whether they are together or are just friends I think that they are happy around each other. I’m not as big on them as I used to be but I think they are both very talented and are the perfect Edward and Bella.



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